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"Lost in thought, and lost in time."

"I'm wearing the inside out."

3 October
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The Bio of Stripenfoxen

Age: 28 in human years.
D.O.B.: October 3rd, 1975.
Sign: Libra.
Sex: Female.
Birthplace: Woodstock Ontario Canada.
Current stomping grounds: Brantford Ontario Canada.

Stripenfoxen is...

- a were (therianthrope) of the fox/tiger persuasion.
- an animal geek.
- a Ravenclaw.
- a visual artist.
- inclined to being antisocial
- catty from time to time if she hasn't had at least two of the following: sleep, meds, food, water, or five hours' worth of alone time.
- obsessive compulsive.
- slightly nutty and rather odd.

Stripenfoxen likes: '80's music, '80's toys, Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears, classic rock, toys, plushies, plastic animal models, Zoids, My Little Pony, Pokemon, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, foxes and tigers.

Stripenfoxen does not like: crappy music, being social, blatant stupidity, idiocy, intolerant people, ignorance, hypocrisy, art blocks and poseurs - especially of the were persuasion.

Therian appearance: A large fox - just smaller than a coyote in size, all-black in colour save for the muzzle and underbelly which are very dark grey, almost slate, and covered in golden tiger stripes, hence the name. Eyes are either dark gold or just plain brown.*

Note, as foxes are considered shifters in legend and lore, this form can vary widely, and can assume a crinos-type form, a taur form, a "furry" form, or just the basic feral form. Other forms have yet to be revealed.

Stripenfoxen believes that the Fox spirit is enjoying the confusion it's creating by providing such a varying form... ¬.¬;;

*This description only applies to the spirit side of me. I know I don't look like this in real life, but please humour me and allow me to indulge in my rather unusual beliefs a bit OK?

Stripenfoxen is a hard creature to find, but is a good person to have around, provided you don't mind the occasional left-field comment and general nuttiness that tends to follow her about like a lost puppy.


Other info.

Stripenfoxen is a member of these RPG groups (so far):

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And also:

Fandom_Wank: Where the snark is.

Ravenclaw. Logical and dedicated to learning, you
sometimes forget the smaller things in life.

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Ravenclaw is brains.

i'm in ravenclaw!

The weather outside is:

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My were code, if you're interested.

Stripenfoxen's Were Code

Wfx/ft a/ss4 wb++:- A++++ I- H+ T+ Wr F+ N+ E++++ C+++d Nk+a RLA/C/LW a c++98 wb++:+ g r+++ e- w h- i++ p+ sf-

Stripenfoxen's Blogger Code (Click the link to get yours.

B7 d- t- k s-- u-- f i- o x-- e- l c+

Stripenfoxen's Furry Code

My Furry Code

FFThmps5ars/CF[Silver Fox]hmps5ars A++++$ C- D H+ M+++ P++>+ R+ T+++ W Z- Sf RLA/C/LW a cn++$ d--- e? f- h->+ i++ j* p+++ sf-

Want your very own virtual doggie to raise and show? Then join Furry Paws by clicking the link below.

My Neopets...

My draggy!
I got my draggy at http://howcute.cjb.net!!!
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Mood theme courtesy of amagicintuition. Thanks!! ^_^!!

Web sites of artists that I particularly enjoy seeing.

The Art of Christy "Goldenwolfen" Grandjean.
The Art of Heather "Kyoht" Luterman.
The Art of Dark Natasha.
SwanDog Studios.
The Conceptual Art of Jennadelle.
Zorm's fan art.
Gold Seven's fan art and original fantasy.
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